Unlocking Predictive Analytics to Improve Student Persistence and Completion Rates (EDUD77Y)

Presented By: Dr. Jerald Henderson
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Event Details
  • Pre-recorded Webinar
  • 60 minutes
  • Thu, December 7, 2017
Event Description

Collect and Use Existing Sources of Data to Address Student Persistence and Completion Challenges

Untapped sources of existing data from even the most overlooked programs and services can contribute to student persistence and completion efforts. However, college and university faculty, staff, and administrators fail to collect and understand the implications of existing data that can help them reach their student persistence and completion goals on their campus.

In this session, expert speaker Jerald Henderson will promote the need for a holistic approach towards collecting and understanding data that is provided by all campus units and offices to collectively improve student persistence and completion goals. Jerald will provide you with a better understanding of how to uncover hidden data sources on your campus. In doing so, your institution can obtain a better picture of what is impacting students’ educational experience which in turn can affect student persistence and completion outcomes.

Understanding existing data that is readily available can also help your institution with future planning, programming, and leveraging resources that will have the greatest impact on those students who might be at greater risk of withdrawing from the institution. You will learn to identify key stakeholders who can provide you data to understand the student persistence and completion challenges targeted groups on campus face. This session is especially important for campus personnel (both staff and administrators) who consider themselves ‘new’ to data collection and student persistence and completion efforts.

Session Highlights

You will learn:

  • How to identify and understand the use of existing data that contribute to student persistence and completion rates
  • How to identify untapped sources of data that can help the institution understand which students are at-risk of leaving the institution
  • How to identify and understand through data collection and analysis which student groups should be targeted
  • How to determine which data collection methods are appropriate to determine program effectiveness
  • How to expand campus involvement as you collect more data to reach your institutional goals
  • How to determine if current programming is sufficient in addressing student persistence and completion challenges based on existing data
  • How to examine at a deeper level what the ‘data story’ is telling you about students, both those who persist and those who are the most at-risk of withdrawing

Session Objectives

After attending this session you will be able to:

  • Better understand the importance of uncovering untapped sources of data that can contribute to your student persistence and completion efforts
  • Identify key campus stakeholders who can provide data that will help you understand the student persistence and completion challenges of targeted groups on campus
  • Better engage faculty, staff, and administrators regarding the importance of collecting and analyzing student data that speaks to institutional goals for improving student persistence and completion
  • Better expand involvement of more campus constituents to work towards a holistic model for achieving student persistence and completion goals
  • Determine the need for expanding programming based on what the data tells you

Who Should Attend

  • Front line college and university professionals
  • Student affairs staff
  • Learning assistance personnel
  • First year programs
  • Advisors
  • Other academic support service staff
  • College and university administrators
  • Directors
  • Department chairs
  • Vice-presidents of both academic and student service units
  • Institutional research personnel
  • Faculty

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About Our Speaker(s)

Dr. Jerald Henderson
Dr. Henderson holds a PhD in Curriculum, Instruction and Evaluation from the University of Illinois at Chicago. He has over 30 years of experience in Higher Education and has held positions in both Academic Development (i.e. Academic Affairs) and Student Affairs (i.e. Counselling Center) as an associate professor. He h... More info


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