Advising Difficult and Demanding Students: De-Escalating Interactions and Resolving Complaints (EDUO18A)

Presented By: Dr. Sue Ohrablo , Ed.D
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Learn to De-Escalate Interactions and Resolve Complaints—Smoothly

If you’re an academic advisor, there’s one thing you will undoubtedly see in your office: students who are emotional, irrational, and/or just plain old unpleasant. Some of these students are far easier to relate to than others. But it turns out that your own communication style is probably coloring the encounter—and introducing bias into an otherwise sound academic advising session.

Don’t do your students or yourself a disservice. Learn to refine your response to even the toughest students with the advice provided by education consultant Sue Ohrablo in this webinar. Ohrablo will reveal tools for de-escalating prickly situations and resolving complaints. The key, she says, is to reduce anxiety, calm emotionally-charged states, and confront negative attitudes and reactions. Ohrablo will also show you how to keep personal bias out of your advisement toolbox—and what key tools to put in it—so that you treat students equally.

The benefits of this program include learning to: examine student frustration and anxiety, identify potential triggers to negative student behavior, and understand the role of fear as it pertains to anger. You will also learn how to diligently assess and meet student needs, while defusing escalating interactions. But it’s not all about you! Ohrablo will equip you to effectively promote each student’s responsibility and accountability in the advising process.

Session Highlights

Here is a taste of what this live audio event will uncover:

  • Sources of student frustration and anxiety
  • Potential triggers to negative student behavior
  • The role of fear as it pertains to anger
  • Ways to assess and meet student needs
  • How to defuse escalated interactions
  • Ways to promote student responsibility and accountability
  • Strategies to improve advisor effectiveness and accountability
  • How to develop a protocol for establishing expectations regarding acceptable student behavior

Who Should Attend

  • Academic advisors
  • Academic advising administrators
  • Student services/affairs personnel
  • Front-line personnel who work with students
  • Faculty

At the Q&A session following the live event, ask a question and get a direct response from our extremely knowledgeable speaker.

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About Our Speaker(s)

Dr. Sue Ohrablo Ed.D
Sue is a nationally recognized speaker in the areas of academic advising and student services. Her presentations blend theory and practice, and include real-world scenarios for professionals to apply as they work to support students. Sue's areas of expertise include comprehensive developmental advising, student engagem... More info