How are Higher Education Institutions Addressing the Needs of the Growing LGBTQ Population? 90-min presentation with an exclusive 45-min Q&A session with an expert! (EDUN63P)

Presented By: Genny Beemyn
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Event Details
  • Pre-recorded Webinar
  • 90 minutes
  • Tue, November 1, 2016
Event Description

How the Make-Up of the LGBTQ College Student Population Is Changing and How to Address Their Needs

More than ever, college students do not fit --- or want to fit --- into boxes for their complex, intersectional identities. A majority of non-cisgender and non-heterosexual students today identify as non-binary; that is, they do not see themselves as male or female, straight or lesbian/gay. How is your institution addressing the needs of this growing population?

Keeping up with the evolving language, identities and necessary practices can be challenging and rewarding! And in today’s world, it really is critical. Grasping how students choose to identify outside of binaries is vital to how you can best support their wellness and safety on campus, and be confident that you can provide a welcoming and inclusive campus environment for ALL of your students.

Your institution has an opportunity and a responsibility to put practices in place that serve, protect, and ultimately retain all students. In this webinar, expert speaker Genny Beemyn will position you to do that across the wide variety of sexual and gender identities and help your institution address the growing needs of the LGBTQ population.

Exclusive 45-Min Q&A Session

Participant to this live webinar will be able to get answers to all their questions on LGBTQ issues in higher education in an exclusive 45-min Q&A session with Genny Beemyn. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Session Highlights:

  • How the make-up of the LGBTQ+ college student population is changing.
  • Current terminology used by college students to describe their sexual and gender identities.
  • Experiences and needs of students who identify outside of sexual and gender binaries.
  • Gain resources to educate about non-binary students.
  • Recognize the institutional changes required to support non-binary students.

Session Objectives

  • Understand contemporary language and definitions, so that you can better connect with students.
  • Have a deeper understanding of the experiences and needs of students who identify outside of sexual and gender binaries.  
  • Gain resources that will help you educate and inform your campus community about non-binary identities.
  • Recognize the institutional changes that are required to support non-binary students on your campus and strategies to approach these changes.

Who Should Attend?

This presentation would be valuable to anyone who works in higher education, especially individuals who work in Student Affairs.

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About Our Speaker(s)

Genny Beemyn
Genny Beemyn, Ph.D., has published and spoken extensively on the experiences and needs of trans people, particularly the lives of gender-nonconforming students. They have written or edited nine books/journal issues, including The Lives of Transgender People (with Sue Rankin; Columbia University Press, 2011) and special... More info


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