Personality Disorder Risk Factors: Understand the "Big 5" personality traits and maladaptive variations (EDU852B)

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Event Details
  • Pre-recorded Webinar
  • 90 minutes
  • Thu, August 27, 2015
Event Description

Important Tools and Strategies for Managing Students with Personality Disorders and Helping Them Succeed in Their Academic and Personal Lives

It's possible you've encountered students whose personality seems to take over your class, such as a student who was excessively dramatic or who repeatedly monopolized discussions in a know-it-all, domineering, or aggressive fashion. Or a student who was so odd or anxious that they weren't able to participate in group activities or complete assignments. Effectively managing students with personality disorders is essential; otherwise students with personality disorders take up a lot of time and can move your whole class in counterproductive directions.

It is highly likely that these challenging students may have a Personality Disorder, which is defined as a persistent pattern of perceiving, relating to, and thinking about the environment and themselves that is maladaptive, rigid, pervasive and enduring. They may affect the student's emotional response and impulse control and can negatively impact classroom teaching and learning and the student's personal and academic success. It is helpful to recognize and understand signs of a personality disorder.

This webinar with expert speaker Dr. Peggy Mitchell Clarke will identify different personality disorders and review their common traits and characteristics. You will learn important tools for handling students with Personality Disorders in the classroom such as setting boundaries, having clarity of communication, and effective classroom management. In addition, you will receive and review resources which are most relevant to mental health and will understand when and how to make appropriate referrals to counseling, accessibility services, and student conduct.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the "Big 5" personality traits and maladaptive variations
  • Recognizing signs of a personality disorder
  • Classroom implications of personality disordered behavior
  • Strategies for dealing with aggressive students
  • Strategies for responding to disruptive behaviors
  • Tips for active listening and boundary setting
  • Practical strategies for managing the classroom
  • What to do if you're triggered by negative behavior
  • The role of Behavioral Intervention Teams (BITs)
  • Tips for referring students to a mental health professional

Session Highlights

  • Ten types of Personality Disorders
  • Prevalence and Demographics
  • Developmental issues
  • Common traits and characteristics of Personality Disorders
  • Classroom behaviors common in students with Personality Disorders
  • Boundary setting
  • Clear communication
  • Classroom management strategies
  • Relevant mental health resources
  • When and how to make appropriate referrals to counseling, student conduct and accessibility services

Who should attend

  • Special Education Educators
  • College Faculty
  • College Staff and Administrators
  • Advisors
  • Counselors
  • Health Center staff
  • Disabilities/Accessibility Services Staff
  • Residence Life and Student Life Staff
  • Retention Specialists, At-Risk Population Specialists
  • First Year Experience/New Student Orientation Coordinators
  • Professional Development Coordinators
  • Veteran Services
  • Behavioral Intervention Team
  • Human Resources

1.5 Credits

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About Our Speaker(s)

Dr. Peggy Mitchell Clarke
Dr. Peggy Mitchell Clarke is a clinical psychologist, mental health consultant, and retired psychology professor who earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brown University and her M.Ed. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Virginia. Dr. Clarke worked as a psychotherapist in a wide variety... More info


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